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Trinity High School to close due to school closings

Trinity High in Worcester, Massachusetts, is closing its doors on May 5, 2018.The school district says that after its last day of classes, students will be allowed to return to classes on May 6.Trinity’s students will receive two months of paid leave, and a new year-round schedule is being announced soon.The district says the decision […]

GOP lawmaker, school superintendent meet to discuss school vouchers

WASHINGTON — A West Virginia Republican legislator is pushing for school voucher programs in the state.The West Virginia House of Representatives passed a bill Monday to provide vouchers to students who can’t afford private school.Rep. Mike Sauerland said he introduced the legislation after he was approached by the local district that oversees the school district.He […]

A New England town looks to hire an afterschool teacher after school closings

An afterschool program is helping a Desoto County school district find a new teacher after a wave of closures.The Desoto School District will open in March 2019, according to a statement from the Desoto Community School District.“The district is pleased to announce that the new school, which will be located at 1030 N. Main Street […]

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