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Former Yakima school principal pleads guilty to conspiracy

Former Yakimat public schools principal John A. Smith pleaded guilty Wednesday to conspiracy and wire fraud charges stemming from his role in the district’s mishandling of the death of a high school senior.Smith, 66, pleaded guilty to the charges in federal court in Spokane.He was sentenced to three years in prison and $5.4 million in […]

GOP lawmaker, school superintendent meet to discuss school vouchers

WASHINGTON — A West Virginia Republican legislator is pushing for school voucher programs in the state.The West Virginia House of Representatives passed a bill Monday to provide vouchers to students who can’t afford private school.Rep. Mike Sauerland said he introduced the legislation after he was approached by the local district that oversees the school district.He […]

Schoolgirl outfit to be taken off shelves, says the head of HVAC company

A schoolgirl outfit for preschoolers in the US has been taken off the shelves after complaints by parents.The Girl Scouts of the USA told the ABC that it had received a complaint from a parent in Minnesota who was upset that the dress featured on the back of the schoolgirl backpack was too provocative.The schoolgirl […]

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