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How to save a $5,000 scholarship

The scholarship program at the Lincoln High School in New Paltz is offering $5K to students who attend at least one of its six online schools for a year.The $5 scholarship is a first-year, online scholarship for students from high school through college.It is part of a $2.6 million online school initiative at the school, […]

Jordan’s K12 Online School System Gets Its First Student, A Friend Of The District’s: ABC News

K12, the state’s first online school, was officially announced today by Jordan School District Superintendent Ron Dickey.Jordan School Board President Scott F. Williams, a former executive with K12 parent company EducateJordan, called it a great day for Jordan and for the district.Jordan, which has a population of around 9,000, is located about 40 miles south […]

A new school for the k12 online curriculum, K12 online, will open in Minneapolis

With a $7.8 million federal grant, the University of Minnesota is launching a new school to teach students in the k10 online curriculum.The school, called K12, will be located in the new Kildare, Minnesota, campus of the University’s College of Education.Kildare is one of four Minneapolis-area schools selected by the Minnesota Department of Education for […]

How to get an online education for less in Pittsburgh

For students at Pittsburgh Public Schools (PSP), online learning is a necessity.The district is trying to make online learning affordable and accessible for students from kindergarten through 12th grade.PPS recently launched a new online learning platform called PPSOnline.com.PPC is partnering with the University of Pittsburgh’s Digital Media Lab and the University Center for Digital Learning […]

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