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Former Horry County School Boy Accused Of Dating Teen Online

Former Houghton High School student Tyler Sperry, 18, was charged Thursday with three counts of sexual assault, according to the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office.He is scheduled to appear in court again next week.Sperriests arrest came less than two weeks after an alleged victim, a 17-year-old boy, said he was sexually assaulted at a home party.The […]

When the Government gave away money to private schools, the parents said it was for their children’s education

The Government is planning to give away $1.2 billion in public school funding over four years, the Opposition has said.Key points:The Government is putting the money into a new fund for private schoolsThe Opposition says the money is to be used to improve the education systemThe money will go into the school funding fundThe Prime […]

Why Huntsville Schools’ dental school dental program needs an overhaul

Dental schools in Huntsville, Alabama, and many other Alabama cities are struggling with dwindling enrollment.A $4 million plan to build a new dental school in Huntsdale that opened last year has drawn criticism from some local residents and dental professionals who say the school is not adequately equipped to handle the demands of the population.  The […]

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