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When Jordan School District’s website went down, students and staff at school were left devastated

An email sent out by Jordan School Superintendent Bruce St. John and received by News.Com.au this morning says Jordan School district has experienced an overwhelming volume of e-mails and text messages about their website and has had to shut down its website for maintenance.“We are sorry that we have been unable to respond to all […]

Google-owned Google-controlled schools ‘not teaching kids about science’

Google-owning Pearson schools in Australia’s South East are not teaching kids to “do their homework,” a school report found.The report, compiled by the Australian Science Education Network (ASEN), found that students in some schools are taught “that science is not a good enough subject to be taught in primary schools, and that kids should be […]

Schools, parents complain about teachers in Cabarrus County

The Cabarras County Board of Education said it’s “deeply concerned” by the number of suspensions and expulsions of students at a Cabarruses schools.The school board voted Monday to send a letter to the district superintendent and board president asking that they immediately suspend the students and “ensure they are not returning to school.”The letter says […]

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