How to deal with the news that Ohio’s old school tattoos are going out of style

A lot of old school school tattoos in Ohio have come and gone over the years, and one of them is an unusual one: a tattoo that has no connection to the Ohio state flag.

The Ohio Department of Natural Resources is now taking away the traditional yellow and blue stripes that adorned the state flag for a $10,000 price tag.

The old school symbol of Buckeye State pride, the “Ohio State” logo, is being replaced by a smaller, white, oval symbol.

The symbol has become a symbol of pride and heritage in the state of Ohio, a part of the state’s history, and the new logo is an homage to that heritage.

“It’s not just a new symbol for us, it’s a new logo for the state,” said Heather McAlister, the department’s deputy director of communication and public affairs.

“We’re trying to do the right thing for the people of Ohio.”

The Ohio State flag was created by Ohioans who were in the fight for independence from Britain in 1776.

It is a solid red and white flag that was raised over the capitol building in Columbus, Ohio, in 1816.

It was adopted in 1889 as the state seal.

In addition to the old school flag, the Ohio Department has also replaced the state motto with the word “Ohio.”

The word “OHIO” was added to the state coat of arms in 2015 to commemorate the state becoming the second state to officially recognize same-sex marriages.

The word was chosen for its historical significance and its symbolic meaning in the hearts of many Ohioans, particularly in rural communities.

The department also added “O” to the logo to reflect its support for the Ohio’s economy and its history as a great industrial state.

McAlisters says that in the new design, “Ohio is now a red state.

We’re a blue state.”

But the new emblem will still be used on uniforms, caps and other items that are sold and distributed in Ohio.

The changes were made in response to complaints from businesses who say that the new look is too confusing.

“The word Ohio is going to be replaced by something that is more confusing than it is a flag,” said Greg Bieda, a graphic designer in New London, Ohio.

The new logo will not be used as part of any merchandise or promotions.

McAlisters said that the department is trying to find a better use for the old logo, and is in the process of revising the logo’s design.

This isn’t the first time the department has tried to change the state logo.

In 2015, the agency began revising its logo after a complaint from a business owner who said the new version was too confusing for his business.

Bieda said that there are currently about 20 businesses that use the old Ohio State logo on their logos, including bars, businesses, and funeral homes.

The new logo was created as a temporary solution, but Biedas hope that it will become permanent.

“I think we’ll see that this will stay on the state crest,” he said.

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