What you need to know about the Shelby County schools in NSW

NSW Government has launched an education blitz in the Shelby district after a damning report found a “deeply disturbing” pattern of racial discrimination.

“We’re launching an education campaign across the entire Shelby district,” Acting Education Minister Rob Oakeshott said.

The “schools must change”, he said.

The state education department will be running a series of “education blitzes” over the next few months to target students of “every background”.

The department has previously launched a number of education campaigns to target minority children.

One campaign called “the Shelby school blitz” focused on the need for “a culture of respect and inclusion”, including the need to make sure the students involved in a “shelter-in-place” process are “in their own skin”.

“What we’re seeing is that the students in these schools are struggling, struggling to be in their own school,” Ms Oakeshyott said on Tuesday.

Students in “sheriff’s offices” are not allowed to leave the school premises, Ms Oakehott added.

Ms Oakeshart said the department was also targeting students in “schoolhouses” as well as in “parental supervision”.

In one example, the department has found students in one of the school’s “sister schools” are being given “exorbitant amounts of money” to study for a degree which is “not relevant to the curriculum”.

While the department said it was working with parents, students and other stakeholders to identify the cause of the problems, Ms Nalder said it would take a while before the department had a full understanding of what was happening.

A review of all existing schools is ongoing, and it will be done by an independent professional panel, she said.

“The department will continue to work with parents and schools and schools will continue work with the department to get to the bottom of this and the underlying causes of the issues,” she said, adding the department would work closely with the NSW Department of Education to “explore all the options that can be taken”.

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