How to save a $5,000 scholarship

The scholarship program at the Lincoln High School in New Paltz is offering $5K to students who attend at least one of its six online schools for a year.

The $5 scholarship is a first-year, online scholarship for students from high school through college.

It is part of a $2.6 million online school initiative at the school, which is now accepting applications from applicants for the first time.

The Lincoln High Scholarship is the first in a new series of online scholarships offered to students in the state of New York.

The scholarship will be awarded to students entering the ninth grade or older in 2019, which means the program will not begin until 2021.

The Lincoln High Schools online school is located in Lincoln, New York, at the corner of New Paces and Main Streets.

The first online school to accept applications for the Lincoln Scholarship was the Lincoln Academy online school in Manhattan in the spring of 2017.

The school, also based in Manhattan, opened its doors in February 2018.

The program will allow students to earn a full year of online education at Lincoln High schools tuition, fees and books.

Students must be able to demonstrate financial need, and there is a limit of three students per school.

The scholarship is one of several online programs offered by the Lincoln School to help students in their final year of high school.

The online school program was launched by the state last year.

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