What you need to know about public schools’ spending cuts

BILLINGSBURG, N.C. — The school district of Billingsburg, N.”s 10th District will have to cut $3.2 million from its budget this year to comply with a $9.5 million cut in state aid that was set to be phased in.

Billingsburg Superintendent Mike Haggerty says that would be enough to close a $25 million deficit.

Haggerty said it will likely cost him $10 million to close the deficit this year.

He says he’ll use some of that money to pay for a new superintendent and a $10.4 million budget for new hires.

The district had planned to pay $4.8 million for the new hires, but the state cut it to $3 million.

Haggty said he’s hopeful the district can stay in the black.

He also said the district won’t have to spend any money on overtime.

He said the state will likely provide the district with about $2 million more in tax credits.”

We’re going to be able to hire more people,” Haggert said.

He also said he is confident the district will remain solvent.

He has said he hopes to close this year’s budget deficit.

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