How to get a free college education

Collier County schools have been struggling for years to make ends meet, but they’re finally getting an assist from the state.

State Rep. Tom Gabel said he’s introducing a bill to provide a grant to provide free college to all Collier school students.

Collier County Schools Chancellor David Bailie said the plan would help ensure the future of students and their families.

Bailie wants to expand free college eligibility to all public schools in the county.

He said free college could allow students to apply for scholarships, apply for work experience and become more financially independent.

The state is already providing free college for some students who attend public schools.

Bealie said this would help students with low incomes.

He said this will help them pay for college tuition, as well as the other costs of attending school.

The program would be similar to the federal College for All Americans program.

Bailier said this could potentially double the number of Collier students who receive a college education.

Colliers schools are still in the process of determining how to fund this plan.

Bain College said it has not decided whether it would be interested in participating.

It has said that if the program is adopted, it would serve about 8,000 students.

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