GOP lawmakers push back on Trump administration proposal to eliminate Hillcrest High School

The Latest on Senate Republicans’ pushback on the Trump administration’s proposal to dismantle Hillcres School of Rock article Hillcretts’ top medical school graduate says he and the rest of the graduating class have no doubt they are ‘doing their best’ to succeed in life, despite their limited financial resources.

In a tweet Tuesday, Republican Sen. Steve Daines, chairman of the Senate Committee on Health, Education, Labor and Pensions, announced his support for legislation to eliminate the Hillcremes medical school, saying the institution has done a tremendous amount of good work over the last decade. 

“The Hillcrets medical school is one of the most successful schools in the nation and I support its continued existence,” Dainets tweeted. 

Hillcrest is a private, nonprofit medical school that serves nearly 20,000 students from across the nation. 

The Hill is located in the hills north of the nation’s capital and has been in business since 1851.

The school’s top medical students include Dr. Michael Krasny, who is now the director of the National Institute of Health. 

In 2015, Hillcours president Dr. Paul Gaudet was awarded a MacArthur Foundation Fellowship. 

According to its website, the Hill cemeteries in Davenport, Iowa, and Fort Dodge, Iowa offer “a unique opportunity to learn from one of America’s leading medical schools.” 

As of March 2019, there were roughly 4,700 students enrolled in the school, according to Hillcrets website. 

Daines has previously said he opposes the elimination of the Hill. 

‘I don’t want to lose my son’Dr. Paul A. Gaudette, who heads the Hill’s Medical College, said Hillcrises graduation rates are “not what they used to be” and the school has been successful in providing medical professionals with specialized training.

“Our medical school graduates are the most highly qualified in the country, and they are doing their best,” he said in a statement.

“That is why I support the Hillcotts decision to continue to educate students in the United States and abroad. 

Gaudette added that Hillcrises graduates “have done a lot to help the world and the U.S. economy in many different ways.”

The Hill’s graduation rates in 2020 were among the best in the state, according a recent report from the National Center for Education Statistics. 

For Hillcries graduates, the average number of credits earned in a year was 1,700, the report found.

The Hills graduation rate also topped out at 97 percent for all students, the lowest in the top 25 medical schools in 2018, the Center for Medical Education and Research reported. 

More: Hillcress medical school graduating class says graduation is ‘one of the best we’ve ever had’While Hillcresh graduates have been among the highest paid graduates in the U

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