Private school tuition, fees rise in Karnataka

The Karnataka government has taken steps to curb the tuition fees at private schools and has started a pilot scheme to provide discounts to students from such schools.

The Karnataka Private Higher Education and Training Authority has issued an order to all private schools that have more than 15 students to get them exempted from paying the fee.

“The fee will be increased by 10 per cent, so that students of private schools in Karnata will not have to pay the fee of Rs.10,000 for the first year of admission. 

This will be applicable to all students who are from private schools,” a senior education officer told The Times Of India.

In a separate development, Karnataka State Higher Education Minister Vijay Raghavan announced that he has directed the state government to provide free tuition to all non-Kannada-medium schools to ensure the students from these schools get admission to the state schools.

The decision is likely to bring an end to the crisis that has been plaguing the state since July.

During the state’s two-day legislative assembly on Tuesday, the government announced a new government policy to provide an adequate supply of students from private high schools to the government schools.

It was also announced that students from all other schools would get an allowance of Rs 2,000 to Rs 5,000.

However, some schools, such as the B-school, which is not private but state-run, have decided to continue paying the fees of private school students and students from other schools.

“The B-School has already been given an exemption to pay its dues to the Union government, but we are yet to get a reply from the Karnataka Government. 

We will continue to pay our dues to our state government,” said P.K. Srivastava, president of the B.S. School Association, who is part of the group of students who have been protesting in Karnal.

Earlier, the Karnal government had also announced the government will start the pilot scheme in the state of Maharashtra and the neighbouring Gujarat on July 1.

The Maharashtra government has also begun the pilot to provide students from non-resident schools with a 10 per, 20 per, 30 per and 60 per per cent discount.

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