How to teach kids about a dinosaur in a classroom

A classroom might have been the best place to teach dinosaurs, according to an unlikely source.

A group of high school students at a Dallas-area elementary school recently put together a video featuring a dinosaur they dubbed Eastside High.

The kids in the video were all raised in the Dallas suburb of Arlington, and were excited to see the dinosaurs in a real school environment.

“There are a lot of dinosaurs that we haven’t seen in our lives,” one of the students said in the clip.

It all began with a video produced by the Arlington school district in 2017 called “Dinosaur: A Dinosaur Adventure.”

“We wanted to share with our students the exciting life and history of dinosaurs and the impact that dinosaurs have had on people throughout the world,” said Edmond M. DeMar, president of the Arlington School District.

In the video, students are introduced to the dinosaurs by a teacher and learn about the animals, which are the oldest living animals on Earth.

Dinosaurs have long been known for their remarkable feathered tails and powerful jaws, but they also have the potential to be misunderstood and abused.

Some of the most popular dinosaurs are also often thought of as small, cute creatures.

They are often thought to have small bodies and wings.

The video shows how the animals can evolve into something bigger.

Another of the videos the students made was titled “Tales of the Dinosaur King,” in which the kids show off some of their favorite dinosaur stories.

The students created a book of dinosaur stories and asked the teachers to include some of them in the class.

As the students learned more about the dinosaurs, the teachers learned that they had a long history with their dinosaur classmates.

“There was a very common, almost universal feeling that dinosaurs were the weirdest and most mysterious creatures on the planet,” DeMar said.

One of the main characters in the film is a dinosaur called Giganotosaurus, which is also known as the largest carnivorous dinosaur ever discovered.

Teachers and students were all able to tell stories about their favorite dinosaurs, and the school even held a dinosaur walk in a museum to promote diversity in the classroom.

“We want our students to see dinosaurs as being not just wonderful animals, but wonderful human beings,” DeMarc said.

“The students in Eastside were very excited to be able to walk with the dinosaur, and their enthusiasm is palpable.

We hope the film will inspire others to see what it means to be human in the face of the dinosaur world.”

The Eastside students have been featured on the Discovery Channel, ABC News, NBC, CBS, Fox News, CNN and other networks.

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