Women ‘recovering’ after being raped

A woman in her early 20s is recovering after being sexually assaulted by three men, aged 17 to 24, while she was working at a welding school in the north-west.

The woman told the Australian Broadcasting Corporation that she and her co-worker had been walking home from a welding class when three men suddenly approached them and asked for directions to the nearby welding shop.

“The three men then pulled me into the back seat of a car, drove me to a field, and then to a nearby house,” she said.

A woman is recovering from rape by three strangers in her 20s in north-western NSW.

Source: ABC News (ABC News) “They told me that I was going to be raped by them and then they drove me back to my place.”

The three suspects, aged between 17 and 24, then raped her at the welding school while she and the other woman watched.

They drove her to the field, raped her there, then took her home, raped the other women there, raped another woman at the house and then drove her back to the welding shop, where she was sexually assaulted.

“I woke up to my father calling me and asking me if I was okay, and he was scared,” she told the ABC.

“It was a horrible, horrible nightmare.”

Ms Williams, who was raped by three young men in their 20s, said the attackers did not bother to get her clothes and were not wearing shoes when they raped her.

She said she did not know how long they were at the school.

“[They] did not stop raping me for a couple of hours, they only stopped when I was about to faint,” she added.

“They were so rough with me that they did not think I was a threat to them.”

The victims told the women that one of the three had also been sexually assaulted before.

In her statement, Ms Williams described the three men as being in their mid-20s, about six foot four, about 190cm tall and wearing dark clothes and a dark hat.

Her statement also described how she was raped and threatened with a knife.

Police have arrested the three suspects in relation to the rape.

Investigators are investigating the rape, as well as other sexual assaults, in the city’s west.

Ms Wood, the mother of one of those raped, said she had no idea about the incident until it was too late.

‘We were all scared'”One of the women who attended the welding class said she was a “very strong person”, but she was “very scared” when she heard what had happened.

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