‘I think it’s a lot better’: Here’s what’s happening at the public schools in atlantas public schools

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The city of Atlanta will be facing a budget crisis next year as the budget expires.

The new school year begins March 16 and the city of atlantic is already scrambling to fill seats with new students.

Atlanta Public Schools has received an influx of students. 

“We are having a great year,” said Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed.

“We have over 1,100 new students, a very good number, and we have a lot of kids that are getting ready for high school.” 

A number of new schools are opening this year, but Reed says there is still plenty of room for improvement. 

Reed said the city has spent $1.3 billion on new buildings and infrastructure.

That includes construction of new buildings, new classrooms, new equipment and new services. 

At the same time, the city will be spending $5 million to replace all of its high school classrooms.

The budget is $1 billion over the next two years.

The replacement of the entire system will cost Atlanta about $300 million. 

It will be the city’s first year of spending money on replacing a high school with a new one. 

While some schools are having success with new classes, there is some concern about overcrowding. 

The Atlanta Board of Education has said that the district will continue to operate under the old system until it runs out of money. 

Atlanta Mayor Kasom Reed says the city is trying to do everything it can to help fill seats, including hiring more teachers and expanding services.

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