How to Build a School with Lego Elements

After getting her first LEGO building project, Sarah and her family decided they wanted to open their own school in the Hillcrest neighborhood of Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

The idea came about when they started thinking about what their children would want to learn and what they could do with a LEGO set.

They knew they wanted a school where children could learn and develop.

Sarah and a team of local builders and contractors worked on the design and built the school.

Sarah’s children and her husband were excited about the school, but she wanted to make sure they would be able to access it if they needed it.

They were interested in the school’s technology, but the family was more interested in building the school themselves.

The building of the school is actually part of a larger project that Sarah and the team are trying to complete with the help of Lego.

Sarah has built Lego buildings for schools around the world and says her experience has taught her the importance of collaborative projects and shared knowledge.

“Lego building is not just about the bricks, it’s about the relationships and the creativity that goes into building and sharing the world,” she says.

“The school project we are currently building is a collaborative project of our friends who are Lego builders, our partners who have built with us, and the students we are building with.”

The Hillcret School is a collaboration between Lego, the Milwaukee Public Schools (MPS) and the Hill Community.

Sarah says they hope the school will be open to all students from the Hill neighborhood.

They hope the building will be a source of fun for children, teachers, and other Hill residents.

A video of the construction and the kids building is below.

[The Hillcreschool]

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