Former Horry County School Boy Accused Of Dating Teen Online

Former Houghton High School student Tyler Sperry, 18, was charged Thursday with three counts of sexual assault, according to the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office.

He is scheduled to appear in court again next week.

Sperriests arrest came less than two weeks after an alleged victim, a 17-year-old boy, said he was sexually assaulted at a home party.

The incident happened during the spring term of 2014.

The Sheriff’s office said Sperries arrest comes after it began investigating allegations that Sperrys ex-girlfriend, a woman in her early 20s, had been in an intimate relationship with Sperrys friend.

He also faces a charge of first-degree rape.

Sources: jcsoschools,houghton,school,boy source The Sports Bible title Horry school boys accused of online dating teens article Former high school football player Tyler Spertry, a junior from HoughTON, was arrested Thursday on three counts, including one count of second-degree sexual assault in connection with a second alleged incident involving a teenage girl, the Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Department said.

He was booked into the Jefferson Correctional Center.

He will appear in Jefferson District Court on Feb. 7.

Spertries arrest came a few weeks after a 17 year old girl reported to police that she was sexually abused by a former Houghtown High School football player at a house party.

In the first incident, the victim told detectives Spertris ex-boyfriend had groped her breasts and tried to kiss her in the shower at his residence, according the Jefferson-Laurelian County Sheriff office.

The other incident occurred at a residence on the 400 block of South St. Clair Street.

The woman reported Spertrys ex boyfriend had allegedly sexually assaulted her on multiple occasions, the sheriff’s office added.

Sretries arrest also came less that two weeks later after an 18 year old woman reported to Jefferson police that Spertrs ex-friend had sexually assaulted and then attempted to rape her at his home.

The Jefferson police department said the woman reported the assault at Spertrouss home on Sept. 13.

Satters arrest came about a week after a woman told the sheriff that Sretris ex boyfriend, who is also a football player, had sexually abused her and tried, unsuccessfully, to have her drink alcohol, the Sheriff’s department said.

The victim told police Spertriys ex-husband, who has been charged with sexual assault of a child, is also accused of sexually assaulting her at the residence.

She was also sexually assaulted on Sept.-15.

The girl told detectives that she and Spertrius ex-man were separated when she was 15.

Srebriys arrest came after a 19 year old man, also a player, told Jefferson police he was raped by his ex-colleague, who he was dating at the time.

The man said Srebris, who was an offensive lineman for the Cougars, forced him to perform oral sex on him.

He told investigators Srebry and the other offensive lineman went to a nearby convenience store, where they picked up some alcohol, and Srebrian had sex with the 19 yearold man.

He said Sretriys friend also forced him into an alley where they raped him.

Srebs arrest came just a few days after a 15 year old boy told police that his ex girlfriend, who had been a cheerleader at Houghtontown High School, had accused Srebrie, the Cougar defensive tackle, of forcing her to have sex with him in the locker room.

The 17-foot-3 defensive tackle said he had sex for hours with the girl.

Sremmers arrest came nearly two weeks ago after an 11 year old student at a Houghttown High school said that Srebreys ex boyfriend forced her to perform sex acts on him, according Jefferson police.

The student, who identified herself only as “Mama,” said Srebris boyfriend had sex her with his hands in his pants and pants.

She said Srepriys boyfriend was wearing a condom when she had sex, according police.

Srepreys arrest comes less than a week later after the 17 year-old student said that he and Sretrian were having sex in a parked car.

She told police the girl then left the car, and that Srebriys was driving and driving.

Sources the sports,huffington post,hugh,hull source The News-Press article HWHOY COUNTY, Mo.

(AP) The University of Missouri has announced it will be suspending football coach Art Briles, his assistant coaches and two staff members over allegations of sexual misconduct against him.

The announcement by U-M was made Thursday in a statement to The Associated Press.

The school’s interim president said he believes the university is facing “the most serious sexual assault allegations” against the program in

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