What to know about a Texas school’s tattoo removal policy

The Texas Department of Education says that all schools must comply with the Texas Tattoo Removal Law if they want to remove tattoos, which require a $200 application fee and six weeks of consent to remove.

The law was passed in 2013 and allows schools to remove a tattoo, or make it permanent, for students under 18, but it has led to some controversy in the state, with many students arguing that tattoos are a violation of their privacy and that removing them is a form of religious indoctrination. 

The law is currently being challenged in the U.S. Supreme Court, but the Texas Education Agency says it has taken steps to address some of the concerns, including making it easier for schools to approve tattoo removal.

“Tattoo removal is a personal decision that must be made by a student or a parent,” TDA spokesperson Jason Williams said in a statement.

“Students who are students or parents should have the right to request removal of tattoos.

It is the responsibility of the student or parent to determine if the tattoo removal is in their best interest.

TDA has been working to improve the way tattoo removal decisions are made by all schools and students.” 

TSA policy says that if you have a tattoo you want removed, you can get a tattoo removal permit from the agency.

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