Jordan’s K12 Online School System Gets Its First Student, A Friend Of The District’s: ABC News

K12, the state’s first online school, was officially announced today by Jordan School District Superintendent Ron Dickey.

Jordan School Board President Scott F. Williams, a former executive with K12 parent company EducateJordan, called it a great day for Jordan and for the district.

Jordan, which has a population of around 9,000, is located about 40 miles south of Dallas, Texas.

It’s about an hour north of Austin. 

Jordan’s K-12 online is being launched with an emphasis on the special needs students, who often lack access to computer technology. 

The first K-4 students will be introduced to the online learning experience, where they will be taught by the school’s technology and teacher-led teams, Williams said. 

For those who want to attend Jordan, they will need to register in advance online through, the official online portal of Jordan., the school website, will provide links to the Jordan app, which is the primary way students can enroll. 

On the home front, the Jordan School is hiring teachers for a variety of positions, including tutoring, teacher development, teacher support and additional support, Williams added. 

Students will also receive a $5 tuition discount per semester.

Jordan’s first school online students, in addition to being able to choose their own preferred school, will be able to use Jordan’s technology, including the Jordan mobile app, for their education.

Williams said the program will help the district meet its goal of serving 10,000 students, including 200 special needs children, in the next six years. 

Williams said it’s been an honor to lead the district and to be part of this exciting development. 

“I am thrilled that Jordan will be a part of the Jordan digital learning experience,” he said.

“Jordan is a unique educational model for schools.

Jordan is innovative in its use of technology to help meet the needs of its students.

We look forward to seeing what students will come up with when they get their first lesson.” and Jordan.suite have also been approved for inclusion in the app, Williams noted. 

Schools in other states, including Texas and Kansas, are also making the transition to online education.

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