St Lucia Schools are in crisis after student deaths in two days – ABC News

St Lucia schools are in desperate need of funding, and a report released this week by the Education Minister says there is not enough money in the budget to cope with the number of deaths.

The report, which is due to be released in the coming weeks, says the Government needs to provide $4 million to the state schools system to deal with the crisis.

The minister said the state had no money to pay for the costs of the coronavirus response, which has so far cost $18.3 million.

She said the Government was now working with the States and territories to provide funds to help with the costs.

“Our focus is to make sure that we have the money to meet the need,” Ms Williams said.

“We are working with States and Territories to ensure that we are providing funding for that.”

We have a $4.7 million shortfall for this year that is due in the next three months and we are trying to fill that gap through the Department of Health.

“It is going to take some time but I can guarantee you we are going to get that money.”

Ms Williams confirmed the Government had received funding for a new coronaviruses testing facility at the St Lucia Health Department.

But she said this was not enough to deal head on with the rising numbers of student deaths.

“The numbers of students who have died are very concerning,” she said.

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