College of Arts and Sciences top law school clipart

The College of the Arts and the College of Medicine and Dentistry are among the top law and medical schools in the country, according to the National Law Journal.

The Journal noted the law schools are ranked at the top of their respective schools in terms of graduates per capita, the number of undergraduate students and the percentage of graduates with advanced degrees.

The Law School Admission Council’s rankings for law schools take into account all four schools’ rankings.

According to the law school’s website, the College is the largest and most selective law school in the nation.

The University of California, Berkeley has the second-largest law school enrollment, while the University of Chicago and University of Washington have the third- and fourth-largest.

The law schools also rank highly in the rankings for the median starting salary, median starting school salary, and median starting GPA.

The rankings were based on graduates per resident and number of degrees awarded per resident.

According to the Journal, the average graduating student earns $54,500, which is more than $20,000 more than the average student from the other three schools.

The law schools have also been ranked among the best universities in the U.S., and in each state, the schools are the best.

The schools also have among the highest average starting salaries in the United States.

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