A post-Trump world, but no Trump school uniform

In the midst of the 2017 school year, Recode spoke with a teacher at a Chicago high school who says she has been told that her school uniform is not going to be changed, despite a petition to the contrary.

The school district says it has received the petition, but a spokesperson told Recode that the school board is not in a position to make a decision on the matter.

The petition, which was signed by teachers at two Chicago schools, says that “there is no policy or regulation in place that allows a teacher to wear a uniform with no restrictions whatsoever.”

It was signed last month by the teachers of the South Side elementary school.

The petition says, “the superintendent of public instruction and school board should take a proactive approach to making sure that no student is denied their basic civil rights at school.

A student can be denied a education just because of who they are, not because of their skin color or ethnicity.

If that is the case, then a school board that is made up of white teachers cannot make the decision about the student’s educational opportunities.”

The teachers say that they are not the only students affected by the decision, but the school district said in a statement that it was not able to reach the teachers to discuss the matter, according to the Chicago Tribune.

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