Why a student is leaving the Washington State School of Law after a fight with a principal

In the wake of a student-led protest outside a high school in Tacoma, a district has begun the process of removing her from her current position.

The school district on Tuesday announced it had hired a private attorney to handle the disciplinary matters related to the student, who was kicked out of the school’s School of Legal Studies and has been removed from her classroom since the incident.

According to the Tacoma News Tribune, the school district has a policy that says staff must “provide a safe environment for all students, including staff members who may be involved in disruptive behaviors.”

But the student has refused to comply with that requirement, and the school has refused the district’s request to reinstate her.

According the newspaper, the student is “furious” with her principal and believes she is being treated unfairly.

In a video that has gone viral on social media, the principal can be heard telling the student that she is “not allowed to go into the school hall” and that she should not come back to her classroom.

The principal can also be heard threatening to kick the student out if she does not comply.

The student then tells the principal, “I am not letting you into my room,” according to the video.

The student also tells the school, “If you kick me out of your office, I am going to break in your office and break it up.”

The student says the principal also threatened to kick her out of her class and the student says that she will “do whatever it takes” to make sure the principal does not see her again.

The district has since hired a lawyer, who has agreed to represent the student.

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