How a school closers school closals in Virginia

A Virginia school district says it will not close the classrooms of nearly 400 students because of the state’s new school budget.

The announcement comes a day after the state legislature approved $1.8 billion in school aid.

But school officials say the money will not cover the cost of closing classrooms and transferring students from other schools.

A state board is meeting Thursday to approve the budget.

But state Education Commissioner Mike Prysby says the state is also committed to helping schools with the $1,500 payment to schools that close.

Prysbry is also leading a task force that will review the state budget and assess the impact on schools.

The board will vote on the budget Thursday afternoon, Prysbys press secretary, Stephanie Smith, said.

The task force is also considering the state funding that will be needed to cover costs related to closing schools, Smith said.

School district officials in the eastern Virginia town of Fairfax said they would have no choice but to close if the new budget does not fix the district’s financial situation.

P.J. Brown, a parent of a student in the middle school, said he’s concerned about the cost to families of a $2,000 increase in state aid.

“I’ve been working hard, but I’m scared for my daughter, she’s just in the sixth grade,” Brown said.

He said his daughter, who has cerebral palsy, needs special education services.

He’s concerned that state aid will go to pay for services that have nothing to do with her disabilities.

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