Why do the boys in the boys’ basketball team dress up like princesses?

Carrollton High School’s principal, John McDonough, said the girls’ basketball players have always dressed up as princesses, and that he has never heard of a student who had problems with it.

“The girls have always played princesses and I have never heard anyone get in trouble for it,” he said.

“It is a normal part of being a girl.”

The girls were spotted in a photo that was circulated on social media, with the caption, “I think we need to start dressing like princess for this year’s game.”

McDonough said the dress code policy was to keep them out of trouble, but said that he had not had any complaints.

“It’s a bit like any other sport, we do everything to keep the kids safe,” he told ABC News.

“We do everything we can to get them to the school and to make sure they’re safe, but the girls have been very, very good about it.”

McDonald said the principal would be calling a meeting to discuss the issue.

“They were not aware of any problems,” he added.

“I’m sure that they will be talking to the principal and we’ll see how they go from there.”

Carrollton High student attends high school dressed as princess in photos sent to mediaThe girls are currently playing in the state championship, which is a regional championship in South Carolina.

Carrollwood High School Principal John Mcdonough says the dress codes of the girls basketball team have changed for the better.

The girls in Carrollton’s junior high, as well as the girls in the girls high school, were wearing red dresses in the photo sent to ABC News and the news site The Daily Beast.

In the picture, the girls are seen in red dresses and white shoes.

The dress code in Carrollwood is simple: dress in a way that is appropriate for your age, height and height range, which covers both girls and boys.

McDonaugh said that the dress rules are enforced by the school’s administrators, who he said are aware of the dress-code policy.

“There is a school policy, but we don’t enforce it,” McDonaugh told ABC.

“The school is a very inclusive place.

They’re very welcoming, so that’s part of it.”

Carroll City Councilwoman Susan DeWitt, a member of the school district’s governing body, said she was not aware that there had been any complaints from students or parents.

“All I can say is that the school does have a dress code, and it is a reasonable dress code,” she said.

“When you see these girls walking around, they’re just very happy, and they’re very respectful.”

Carlywood Mayor John Brown said he was unaware of any complaints about the dress.

“We have never had any concerns,” Brown said.

Carlyton is located about two hours south of Charleston, South Carolina, and sits in a state of southern poverty.

There have been multiple high-profile school shootings in the last few years, including one in April that left a 14-year-old boy dead.

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