Google-owned Google-controlled schools ‘not teaching kids about science’

Google-owning Pearson schools in Australia’s South East are not teaching kids to “do their homework,” a school report found.

The report, compiled by the Australian Science Education Network (ASEN), found that students in some schools are taught “that science is not a good enough subject to be taught in primary schools, and that kids should be exposed to ‘the real world.'”

In some schools, students were told that the subject is not important enough to be studied at school.

“Our schools have been teaching kids that science is a very poor subject to study in primary school,” ASEN’s executive director, Professor Michael Sargent, said.

“So, students are being taught that it’s not important for a kid to understand what is happening in the world, and they’re being told that science does not exist in the real world.”

“That really undermines the values of the science curriculum, and it undermines the value of science as a subject in education,” Sargant told the ABC.

In response, the Department of Education and Training (DET) released a statement saying that “in many schools in the state of South Australia, we have found that kids are learning the material well enough to do their homework.”

“The Government is aware of the issues raised by the report and will look into these matters in the coming months,” the statement read.

“The Department of Science Education and Technology has already identified and implemented a range of actions to help students do their work.”

But the report, which was commissioned by the government and published in April, found that the “very high” standards for science education “do not apply” in some areas.

The ASEN report, titled The Future of Science and Technology in Education, said that teachers and parents have been told that “science is not relevant to education” and that “the real science is in the classroom.”

The report said that “despite these high standards, some schools in South Australia have been taught that science has not been taught at all in primary and secondary schools.”

A school teacher in a Brisbane school district said the schools are teaching the subject “in an uncritical way” and they are “not teaching children to do ‘their homework.'”

The report also found that in some districts, teachers were told to teach students that “they can’t do their own homework” when asked.

“We have a number of schools where they are not doing their own science homework, and there are no teacher-led activities to do the homework,” the report said.

The schools have also been told to give students “a good grounding” on the topic “so that they don’t feel they have to do anything at all to do science,” the ASEN said.

In one district, a teacher told students that science was “not a good subject to teach in primary,” according to the report.

“Science is not good enough for primary,” the teacher said.

But the teacher, who was not named, told the ASE that the school was “in the same position” as other districts where students were taught “it’s not a bad idea to have kids do their ‘science homework.'”

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