When the Government gave away money to private schools, the parents said it was for their children’s education

The Government is planning to give away $1.2 billion in public school funding over four years, the Opposition has said.

Key points:The Government is putting the money into a new fund for private schoolsThe Opposition says the money is to be used to improve the education systemThe money will go into the school funding fundThe Prime Minister has confirmed the funds are being set aside to improve schools, but said there was no timetable for when it would be used.

“The Government will use the money for the betterment of the children in our community,” Education Minister Christopher Pyne said on Wednesday.

“We will be taking the money out of the school fund as quickly as possible.”

It is a priority for us that this money be put towards improving education, improving our education system, not just for the schools but for all Australians.

“Mr Pyne made the announcement during a media conference at Parliament House, where he confirmed the money would be spent in a new $1 billion school funding mechanism.

The Prime Ministers spokeswoman said it would go into a school funding scheme, which will provide funding to private and public schools.”

There will be a process to make sure that every dollar that goes into the funding scheme goes into education, whether it’s for students or for the teachers or the administrators, it will be put into that school funding account,” Ms Gillard said.”

That will be done by the Government.

“This is the first time we’ve ever had that fund and we’ve got a new funding mechanism in place to ensure that it goes into that account.”‘

There is no timetable’The Opposition has slammed the Government for its decision to allocate money to the new school funding entity, saying it is “no timetable”.

“It’s absolutely clear to us that they are taking money out and they’re using it to help private school principals make the most of their money,” Education spokeswoman, Kate Ellis said.

She said the Government should have put the money to better use for children, rather than to increase funding for private school operators.

“No matter how much money they give away, there is no reason for them to spend it on private school education,” she said.

Mr Pyng said the school funds would be earmarked to improve Australian schools.

The Government has earmarked the money as part of a “super fund” for students, including a “schooling opportunity fund” that is designed to encourage parents to put their children in the best possible school.

“You will see some of that money going into the super fund,” he said.

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