A new school for the k12 online curriculum, K12 online, will open in Minneapolis

With a $7.8 million federal grant, the University of Minnesota is launching a new school to teach students in the k10 online curriculum.

The school, called K12, will be located in the new Kildare, Minnesota, campus of the University’s College of Education.

Kildare is one of four Minneapolis-area schools selected by the Minnesota Department of Education for the federal K12 grant program.

K12 is designed to provide high-quality online learning for high school students at low cost.

It is aimed at students in grades kindergarten through eighth grade.

K12 students learn online through interactive online classes.

The classes are designed to be interactive, meaning students can take notes, write essays and listen to lectures.

The University of MN’s new school will be the first in Minnesota to offer online classes to K12 K-12 students.

It will be one of several K12 schools that will open this year.

Kortney Blevins, the school’s associate director of academic affairs, said the school will have five online classrooms to accommodate the students.

The online learning will be offered by the University for students in high schools and middle schools in Minneapolis and throughout the state.

K8 is the largest school in the state and will have 10 online classrooms.

It has been designed to offer students the opportunity to take online classes in a way that is similar to what K-8 students are doing in their schools.

The students will also have the opportunity for hands-on learning at the school, K8 said.

The K8 K-10 online learning model was introduced in 2018.

K9 is a program designed to help students transition into K-6.

K9 is the oldest school in Minnesota, with about 15,000 students.

K6 students are expected to graduate in about seven years.

Students will be able to choose from a range of learning programs, including art and music, social studies, physical education, health and fitness, science, technology, math and science communication.

The school also has a sports department and a technology learning center.

The new K12 school will open for classes in 2018, said Kortney D’Antonio, associate director for academic affairs at KortNEY, an educational technology company.

Students at K12 will have access to online learning opportunities including courses in math, science and English language arts.

K-9 students will have the option to choose online learning options that include video and text learning, the new program will offer.

K8 students will learn online with interactive lessons, as well as a physical learning component, K-7 students will study at the new campus of K8.

The first K12 student is scheduled to graduate this fall, D’Aonio said.

The K12 new school is the first of its kind in Minnesota.

The University of North Dakota has a K-5 school, and in 2013, Minnesota became the first state in the nation to award a $2 million grant to the University to open a new K-4 school in North Dakota.

Minnesota has also awarded $15 million in federal funding for K-2 schools in the last four years.

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