Schools, parents complain about teachers in Cabarrus County

The Cabarras County Board of Education said it’s “deeply concerned” by the number of suspensions and expulsions of students at a Cabarruses schools.

The school board voted Monday to send a letter to the district superintendent and board president asking that they immediately suspend the students and “ensure they are not returning to school.”

The letter says the suspension and expulsion of students are in violation of the district’s policies and are contrary to district law and regulations.

The board is also calling for a “sensible, reasonable” way to ensure that the students are not involved in school activities, which include attending extracurriculars, taking classes, participating in sports, and other activities.

In the letter, the board also said the district “has no choice but to take action to address the current crisis and address the underlying issues in order to restore confidence in our schools.”

The district board is considering a resolution to hold the teachers accountable and will also be holding a public hearing, the letter said.

“The current state of affairs at Cabarrascas County Public Schools is causing us to feel that we must act now, as the district has been unable to keep students in school.

We ask for the immediate suspension and expulsion of the students involved in these violations,” the letter read.

“This will not only ensure that we have the resources and support necessary to ensure students are being taught and supported, but also that we can provide the most effective resources for our students in order that they do not need to leave our district and return to their community.

This is our duty to students and our responsibility to ourselves.”

The superintendent of Cabarracas County Schools, Richard Lee, told the AP the suspension of students “does not represent the commitment to the children that the community expects and deserves.”

Lee added that his office is working with the district to resolve the situation.

Cabarracs County School District officials have not commented on the suspensions or expulsion of students.

In a letter sent Monday, the district said in part, “There are currently four school districts in the Cabarrasses county school system.

Our school system has been the subject of several suspensions and other expulses since 2010, with each instance having been determined to be in the best interest of the children of Cabarascas.

We take seriously the safety of our students and the public, and we are working to ensure all students are kept safe.

We will continue to take appropriate action as appropriate, and the district will provide additional information in due course.”

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