How to use Google Assistant in a school setting

Google Assistant is finally available to schools around the world, and you can use it in a classroom, too.

The company is launching an app to allow students to set reminders for homework, make appointments to use a certain app, and even change their class schedules.

Google Assistant has a built-in teacher-friendly interface that allows you to ask questions and use it to guide your students through the process of learning.

It’s not the only way to get Google Assistant to your classroom.

In the past, it was limited to a small number of schools, and it wasn’t always available in the most convenient places.

Now, with the launch of Google Assistant for schools, there are more options available for teachers.

Google also announced an extension to the Google Assistant app, which will let you add new reminders and make them searchable.

Here’s what to do: First, open the Google assistant app.

Tap on the home button.

On the left side, tap More Actions.

Tap Add Actions.

From there, tap Add or Edit.

For the new actions, choose the action you want to add.

Tap OK.

Next, add an action by tapping Add a new action, or tap Add a custom action.

You’ll see a list of actions.

Tap an action to open the action’s dialog.

If you want your new action to have a more personalized look, you can change its name.

To add a new Google Assistant action, tap the action and tap Add.

For example, you could add an Action to remind students to use an app when the class is in session.

Next you can add a notification to your calendar by tapping the calendar icon in the top-right corner of the calendar.

From the notification, you’ll be able to select the action to add to the reminder.

To check the current state of the notification and add a reminder, tap Change notification.

Next to the notification for the new action you added, tap Update reminder.

This is the notification that will let teachers know when your students are scheduled to use the new Google assistant.

Tap the notification to make the reminder available.

Now that your reminders are ready, you should be able find your Google Assistant icon in your calendar.

Tap it.

Finally, you will be able start using the Google app.

Your students can then ask questions about the new reminders, which can then be answered with the new Assistant.

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