Coronado High School’s mascot is a ‘mascot for the people’

The mascot for Coronada High School, a high school in southern Texas, is a “mascots for the kids.”

In an effort to raise awareness for a campaign aimed at raising money for the school, a group of students, including former students and alumni, are donating items to the school.

They will be giving away the Coronados school supply for the duration of the school year.

In addition to the mascot, they will be donating items like pens, markers, notebooks, stickers, and more.

The mascot is named Coronadores, and was created by the Corinne Coopley, a former Coronadian High School mascot.

Corinnes’ family has since relocated to a different school.

The group of former students has been donating the items in a “Mascot Drive” in which the donations are accepted by the district and donated to the Coronet School Supply Club.

The school supplies club is dedicated to supporting Coronade High School and supporting students who may be impacted by bullying or harassment.

Students are encouraged to donate items by sending in items that match the items listed above.

The district will use the donations to help fund the Coronial School Supply, which will provide students with supplies like pens and pencils, markers and notebooks, as well as supplies like supplies for classroom materials, school supplies and more, according to the organization.

“We are all very excited about it and want to see it grow,” Corinene Coopleys daughter, Natalie, told the Austin American-Statesman.

“I think it will be a very positive thing for the whole community.”

The district said the district will work with Coronades supply club to continue to donate supplies.

In February, the school’s principal and principal of the Coroner’s Office also visited the school to see how the mascot is doing.

The school will be providing supplies for the Corons School Supply club, and students and staff will be able to donate to the district through the district’s gift card program.

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