How to start your own business in Australia

Trade school graduate Andrew Kramden is preparing for the challenge of building a small business.

Mr Kramken said his first business venture was in 2010, after spending time in the UK.

“It was a fairly large business that had been around for quite some time and I had quite a bit of experience in that space and a lot of that was in the tech industry,” Mr Kramen said.

He started his own business, which he still owns, with his partner, a business student, at the start of the year.

It was around that time that he started his company with two friends who were both business school graduates and were in similar positions to him.

“We just thought, well let’s make this as good as we can,” Mr Taggart said.

“And so we just did it.”‘

A really good fit’ for Mr KramsenMr Kramson said the company has been a big hit.

They were able to do so much growth from one company and the people have been really supportive.

“It’s just a really good match for our lifestyle, and we’re really happy with the people that are there,” Mr Coyle said.

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