The school district where Harvard Law School’s dean resigned

Beaverton, Utah (CNN) Harvard Law school dean Roberta Smith, who stepped down after the school accused her of misconduct, has been reinstated to her job.

The school announced Monday that she would return to teaching as an associate dean, according to the school’s website.

She has been teaching at the school since June and served as the dean of the Law School from 2013 to 2015.

She also served as a member of the Harvard Law Review, which published a paper in 2015 calling for a more liberal interpretation of campus sexual assault laws.

Smith resigned in January after the university accused her and another student, 18-year-old Rachel Landon, of raping a classmate in October.

In an internal memo obtained by CNN, Smith’s superiors wrote that they were “not satisfied” with Smith’s performance and recommended that she be fired.

“In this environment, it is important to understand that the institution is not a safe place,” the memo read.

“There is a pervasive culture of fear, harassment and intimidation among some of the faculty and staff, and we recognize that these practices are antithetical to our core values.”

Smith said in a statement Monday that her “heart goes out to the students and their families.”

The announcement of her reinstatement comes as the school has been dealing with an avalanche of sexual misconduct allegations and accusations, including one by a former student who said she was sexually assaulted by Smith in 2013.

“Harvard Law School is a place of honor, respect and tolerance for all, and our actions over the past few weeks have been the best reflection of that commitment,” the school said in its statement.

Smith’s tenure came to a head in February when she publicly announced that she was resigning, and the school announced that it was removing her from the faculty.

The school has also been dealing, in the past, with allegations of sexual harassment and assault.

In March, a female student said she and another woman were assaulted by a male colleague.

On Friday, the school was criticized for hiring a former top FBI official to be its new director of national intelligence, a job she was not eligible for.

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