How to fix the #leoncounty schools budget gap

Posted October 04, 2018 09:18:54 Leonton County schools have been hit with a budget shortfall that could push the district’s annual funding gap to nearly $1 million per student by the end of 2019.

The Leontown Times reports the Leontons have lost about $1.7 million since the start of 2019, which is nearly three-quarters of the district budget.

The district has been dealing with a $300 million shortfall since the beginning of 2017.

The county has been struggling to pay teachers, school employees and other costs.

Leontonia Public Schools has had budget cuts of more than 50 percent over the last three years.

The state’s education department said Leontonian schools received $8.5 million in funding for the 2017-18 school year, which was less than the $10.9 million the district received in 2018.

The department also reported that the county has lost nearly $900,000 in property tax revenue, which could affect the school district’s ability to pay for teacher salaries and other services.

Leonville County Public Schools also is struggling to fund its schools.

Its budget has fallen by more than 80 percent since the end to the 2017 school year.

Its $1,800 million budget is nearly half of what it was a year ago, and the school districts funding has dropped by nearly 80 percent.

This year, the Leonion schools budget will likely fall to $1 billion, which would leave it with an annual shortfall of more $1 to $2 million.

The news comes as the Leondart County Public School District announced a $1 trillion bond issue this week.

The $1-trillion bond issue is expected to increase funding for schools, including for the Leo County schools, by $400 million to $5 billion over the next decade.

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