GOP lawmaker, school superintendent meet to discuss school vouchers

WASHINGTON — A West Virginia Republican legislator is pushing for school voucher programs in the state.

The West Virginia House of Representatives passed a bill Monday to provide vouchers to students who can’t afford private school.

Rep. Mike Sauerland said he introduced the legislation after he was approached by the local district that oversees the school district.

He said he’s not concerned about the federal government’s decision to cut federal funding for the voucher program.

The bill would also allow local school districts to make changes to the program to make it more affordable.

The school district has not responded to Breitbart News’ request for comment.

Sauerland told The Associated Press on Monday that the bill was passed because he thinks it’s necessary to address the crisis facing schools in the community.

Saukerland, who is a former member of the state House of Delegates, said he wants to ensure that the state doesn’t become a “failed state.”

He added that he has not heard any complaints from parents about the voucher programs.

He said he believes the voucher system is helping local school district residents because parents are spending money on school supplies instead of going to private schools.

Siegelland said in a press release that the bills proposed by the bill would allow districts to increase the number of vouchers in the system by 50 percent, which would help students who are eligible.

He also said it would help pay for additional teacher training.

The bills are likely to face a public vote, which could take place as early as next week.

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