How to get rid of the monster school in Guilford County

Posted February 10, 2018 06:24:12 The monster school at Guilfordsville High School, which opened in 2019, is closing.

The school’s board voted Wednesday to end the school’s occupancy and move to the county’s main campus, the Orange County Register reported.

The board said it is “deeply saddened” by the decision.

The county has a monster school law, and schools that receive a failing grade are allowed to close for up to three years.

Guilfsville has been the target of multiple school closures in recent years, including a closure in 2018 that caused millions of dollars in damages and an investigation into whether it was overburdened with classrooms.

The monster schools have also been a source of frustration for parents and students, as they have become a source for controversy in local schools.

The Orange County school board’s decision came after a board vote on Tuesday night to close the school for good and vacate the premises.

The closure will cost $2.4 million and move the school from the county campus to a smaller facility at the Orange and Osceola County schools, which are also in Orange County.

The former Orange County high school opened in September 2019.

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