When a school cafe shuts down and a sexy schoolgirl loses her job

The schoolgirl who lost her job as a school cafeteria worker after she was caught in the cafe brawl is getting the shock of her life, as she is starting a new job in a trendy cafe in Paris.

The 21-year-old student who went to the school cafeteria in the city of Château-Saint-Denis on Wednesday morning to pick up food for her school and work as a cafe waitress has been told by a French employer that she cannot continue as a worker.

According to a statement posted on Twitter, the cafe cafe du caf, located on the ground floor of a shopping mall, said it was closed.

“The cafe has stopped working as a café, as the restaurant was not ready and is no longer operating,” the cafe said.

“It is very difficult for us to continue as an employer.

We ask for your patience.”

A spokesman for the company, which operates cafés in more than 100 cities across Europe, said that “this is not the first time we have dealt with this situation.”

“We are trying to resolve this matter as soon as possible, and we will have to wait until after the new year,” the spokesman said.

The cafe cafe has been working as an outlet for a number of other cafés across Paris, but is no more in operation.

In April, the city’s public school Cafet-Orient, which provides breakfast to children aged six to 18, announced that it would be closing its doors on Christmas Day and that its cafe cafe au café would be closed on New Year’s Day.

A number of schools and cafeterias in France have been closing since the beginning of the year, and have faced tough financial conditions.

The number of school cafeteria has been falling since the start of the financial crisis.

The French education minister, Jean-Michel Levy, warned that France was facing an “economic crisis”, but he did not provide a specific figure.

France has struggled to close its schools amid the economic crisis and is currently facing a huge shortfall of money, as many public schools are closing and the number of students is shrinking.

The national government estimates that there are about 1.2 million school children in France, about 2% of the population.

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