What do you think about the new school calendar for the Broward County Public Schools?

By Katie DyerPublished January 06, 2018 09:03:01When the new district calendar was announced, there was a lot of buzz.

One local school board member said he was shocked to see a calendar with more than three pages of pictures of people on the floor, and said it looked like a bunch of people were hanging out in the cafeteria.

There are a lot more pictures than the old one.

And there’s a lot less information.

The new calendar is more of a visual representation of school and life, rather than just a reminder of what’s happening in the classrooms, said Lisa Cavanaugh, Broward school district superintendent.

It also includes more than 200 pictures of school activities, which will make it easier for students to find and use them.

Broward is a small county, and the school system is so big that some of its students are limited to just one room.

The new calendar offers more than 100 pictures of the students.

A lot of the information is on the new calendar, so it’s easy for students and staff to locate and access the images, said Barbara O’Connor, the principal of Broward High School.

The district is offering the calendar to students at every grade level.

It’s designed to highlight the positive things about schools.

There are no pictures of students in trouble, or on the couch, or in the car.

Students also have a more complete calendar on their computer, but it will be harder to find.

The calendar will have a new page on the left hand side that shows how many pictures students have taken, and will give students a total for each classroom, said Cheryl Bostwick, the director of digital services for Broward schools.

The picture count is also up to 10.

Students will see the number of students on the front of the calendar and the number on the back.

The pictures on the inside cover the back cover, and that covers most of the content, she said.

This calendar also includes a little history lesson, which is an addition to the old calendar.

The history lesson includes photos of Browards schools, history, and more, according to the school district.

Browards school board members also said the new schedule is much easier to use.

You can just open up your computer and look at the pictures and you can make the most of it.

“It’s a good addition,” said John Pugh, Browards board member.

It helps to get the students into the classroom, and then we can get them to work,” said board member Chris O’Brien.

The schedule will be available at the beginning of January, according in the school board’s website.

For the students who are new to the system, the new calendars are easy to navigate.”

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It’s an easy way to get into the school, and it helps the teachers know what is happening and how to handle the students.”

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