The Best Business Schools in Japan

Japanese business schools are some of the best in the world, but you’ll need to spend money to get there.

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This is because, unlike American high schools, Japanese business school rankings are based on performance, not admissions.

While the average American high school student spends $40,000 per year on their education, a Japanese business degree costs around $50,000.

It’s not as if you have to wait around for a job offer or get an MBA to be an effective entrepreneur.

Here are the top 10 business schools in Japan.1.

Kobe University: $50 millionKobe University is a public research university located in Kobe, Japan.

It offers two major business programs: Business Management and Business Economics.

This school offers a variety of majors including business administration, marketing, and entrepreneurship.

The Japanese government has allocated $25 million in funding to support this school.

In addition, Kobe University has been ranked as one of the top five best business schools for the last ten years by Forbes.2.

Tokyo Metropolitan University: Over $50mThis Japanese school offers two main business programs, and both offer degrees in business administration.

These schools are also known as Tokyo Metropolitan Universities.3.

Tokyo University: Around $50kA third of Tokyo University’s students are international students, which means that they are not Japanese.

The school also offers three business programs that include: Business Administration, Business Economics, and Management of Small Business.4.

Osaka University: About $50MOne of Japan’s largest business schools.

Osaka university offers two different business programs including Business Management, Business and Marketing.5.

Tokyo Institute of Technology: About 1.5MOne major Japanese research university.

This institution is also one of Japan, and in 2019 was ranked one of Asia’s top universities by Forbes for its research.6.

Osaka National University: ~$30MThis Japanese research institution offers two business programs; Business Management & Business Economics and Management & Finance.7.

Kyushu University: Approximately $25MKyushu is the capital of Japan.

Kyoshu University has three business schools: Business Economics & Management, Management of SMEs, and Business Administration.8.

Sankyo University: Roughly $25KSankyo is a university in Japan with a large campus in Tokyo, home to over 40,000 students.

This university offers four major business degrees including Business Economics of Management.9.

Saitama University: Almost $25kThe largest Japanese university in the country, Saitamu University is also located in Tokyo.

This campus is home to an additional 30,000 international students.10.

Tohoku University: about $25,000This Japanese university is known as the “Tohoku Institute of Business.”

This university has a large business program, including Business Administration and Management.

It also offers a Business Administration & Management degree program.

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