School teacher who invented school’s first high school has died

A high school teacher who created school’s original high school in the Punjab state of India has died.

Smyrna High School in the state capital, Lahore, was founded in 1882.

The school’s principal, Syed Abul Hasan, who was also the principal of the local high school until his death in 2016, is credited with the school’s name, and he is also credited with being the first person to invent the modern high school.

According to the Hindustan Times, Hasan died at his home on Saturday after a long illness.

Hasan was a former teacher of the high school and the father of six.

In an interview with The Times of India, he told the newspaper that he started school in 1892.

He was also credited for being the father and grandfather of two daughters who became teachers in the school.

The newspaper quoted a family friend as saying that Hasan’s daughter and son-in-law were among those who came to school for the first time.

The school has been closed since Hasan died.

Hasan is survived by his daughter-inlaw and his sons.

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