You need a school cafe: The best places to go to school

Ottawa, Ontario (AFP) – There’s a school café at the heart of Ottawa, with kids, their parents and teachers gathered to chat and eat lunch.

The cafés sit in front of the school cafeteria and have tables set up for parents and students to chat, read and even share their lunchtime adventures.

For many, the place is a source of inspiration for the kids in their classes.

“I think it’s just so wonderful that people feel they can go to their school and enjoy school,” said Sophie Gennaro, a student in Grade 11 at Ottawa’s Franklin High School.

Gennaro said she loves the cafe because she can get a meal at school and take home her lunch.

“It’s a little bit of a dream come true to be able to go in and have a school lunch,” she said.

“The kids really enjoy it.”

The café also provides a great place for students to socialise and socialise with other students.

“A lot of students are friends and hang out in the cafés, so they get to socialize and play together,” said Gennarro.

“They have a lot of fun with each other and I think it really helps the kids feel connected.”

The cafe was launched in December last year and has since been a success.

“It has helped so many students feel more comfortable coming to school,” Ottawa Public Schools spokesperson Laura Poynton said.

Students who want to take the café for a spin can go for a walk around the cafeteria, or take a spin at the school’s pool.

Students can also enjoy a cup of coffee, tea or lemonade from the café, which is located near the cafeteria and has a small fridge that has been converted into a café area.

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