When a beautiful schoolgirl is forced to change her name and appearance

Updated January 30, 2019 07:09:59When it comes to schoolgirl outfits, Sarasota County School District in Florida is no different.

The district is one of the largest in the state and serves nearly 40,000 students.

However, one of its most popular schools, the Montessori School, has a new name for its new student body: the Beauty School.

The new name has not been announced yet, but a statement on the school’s website said the school “remains dedicated to teaching all of our students the value of beauty.”

It was announced in December that the Montessa Beauty School was renamed the Beauty Academy.

It is currently in its final year, but the school was already well on its way to being the biggest school in the country for the beauty industry.

The school has a wide variety of makeup classes, including beauty products and services.

It’s the first in a series of changes that will see the school change its name and identity.

The Beauty School had been named the Montesse Beauty Academy in 2015.

The name was not an easy decision to make for a school that is famous for its student body of almost 1,000.

The first two students were the daughter of a wealthy man who bought the school and named it after him.

The daughter was also the granddaughter of an African-American woman who was the first female headmistress in the school.

And the youngest daughter, who is now the school principal, was the daughter’s older sister.

The change is the result of a lawsuit filed by the Beauty Foundation, an organization dedicated to bringing equal access to education.

The lawsuit argues that the name “Montessa Beauty Academy” was “misappropriated to further the mission of the Beauty Scholarship Foundation, which provides scholarships to girls from underserved communities, including students of color.”

The foundation also says the name has a racist connotation, as it is a name that has been associated with slave owners and their descendants, and refers to a beauty queen.

The foundation says the school has been making “multiple efforts” to address the concerns, but has not yet been able to resolve the name issue.

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