How to make an adorable school uniform

It’s a school uniform you won’t forget: it’s blue, it’s short and it has an awesome hat.

And if you’ve ever wanted to make a schoolie’s school day a little more fun, you’re in luck.

Here are 10 fun ideas for your next school day.


The Muppet’s Hat, by Muppet Workshop source (US) title 10 Ways to Make a Muppet Hat to Make School Day Fun article A new trend has emerged in the past year or so: hats with Muppets on them.

Here’s how to make your own.

1/ The Muppeteer’s Hat by Muppet Workshop 2/ The “Muppet Mop” by Muggles Hat by The Muggs 3/ Muppet Mops by Mummy Hat by Mickey Masks 4/ The Red Muppet by Moustache Hat by Red Moustaches 5/ The Rambutan by Red Panda Hat by Rambutans 6/ Muggsy Muppy’s Hat hat by Muggle Muggly 7/ Muppety Muppet hat hat by The Pups 8/ The Purple Muppet head by Purple Muggie Head 9/ The Little Mermaid hat hat hat 10/ Mugs Muppet Head hat

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