Why do you think the public school students in Shelby County, Ohio, are being singled out?

Posted September 13, 2018 12:02:03 It’s not just the Shelby County Public Schools that have received a bad rap.

A group of teachers in the neighboring Pittsburgh Public Schools have been singled out by parents as “racially charged” teachers.

The Pittsburgh Tribune-Review reports that parents have sent angry letters to the district, complaining that they “are being singled-out by white teachers who have no experience teaching in a predominantly black district.”

Parents are also concerned that the students in the district have been segregated by race.

“I am very disappointed that the school district is making it difficult for teachers to communicate with students of color,” said teacher Michael Moore, who was a student in Shelby before moving to the Pittsburgh Public schools in 2013.

“There’s just not a lot of diversity in our classrooms.”

The district’s superintendent, Diane Ravitch, says the district is trying to fix the problem.

“This is not an isolated incident.

This is a systemic problem that has been going on for years,” Ravitch told the Tribune-Record.

“As a parent, it’s very important that the kids we serve feel like they’re getting the best education possible.”

The teacher’s letter comes after the Pittsburgh Tribune reports that white teachers in several school districts across the country have been asked to stop teaching certain minority groups and to teach only white students.

It’s been called “anti-black,” “anti.immigrant,” “racist” and “anti.”

A number of districts in the United States have reported a rise in anti-black racism over the past several years, including New York City, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Detroit, Milwaukee, Memphis, Chicago, Minneapolis, Atlanta, Tampa, Orlando and Jacksonville, the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reports.

In one recent case, a white teacher in New York was accused of racially discriminating against Latino students and ordered to stop.

The district said the teacher was suspended for three days.

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