How much money are teachers earning in North Carolina?

A new report says that teachers in North Carolinas schools make about $3.25 per hour, a figure that’s up slightly from $3 per hour last year.

The average hourly wage for a teacher in North Carters North Carolina is $24.75.

But that number does not include overtime.

So if you have a child in a school, it’s even higher, with an average hourly pay of $31.13.

“Our analysis found that North Carolina schools are struggling to provide equitable educational opportunities for students, families, and communities,” North Carolina Education Commissioner Johnnie Walker said in a statement.

“Our reforms have created new opportunities and improved the lives of our students, but there are still a lot of gaps in our classrooms and programs that we need to address.”

The report by the National Education Policy Center found that teachers make an average of about $9.30 an hour, up from $8.70.

That number includes overtime and non-salary pay.

Teachers earn about $25,000 per year, or $25.65 per hour.

But the average hourly wages in Northcarons schools are only about $23.35.

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