Schools, teachers still waiting to hear about new school construction

Brockton Public Schools has confirmed it will have to make an extra two new classrooms as part of the cost of a new school building.

The district has received £1.6 million in new funding from the Government to meet the £1 billion cost of the new school in the area.

“The new school is in place and we have received the support to get it up and running and that will allow us to move the next generation of pupils to the school and support the school in all of its phases,” Brock, which includes North West Victoria, said in a statement.

“However, we still have to secure the funding for a new classroom to make the new building operational.”

The announcement comes after BrockTON Schools announced in May that it was to build a new four-bed school on its site.

The school’s previous owner, which is in financial difficulties, is to continue to run the school, which will be located at an adjacent building.

However, the new owner has yet to secure funding for the school to be built.

A spokesperson for Brocktons Principal, Andrew Brown, said: “The Brockons have received £2.5 million in funding to construct a new three-bed, two-storey school on their site.”

It will now be able to start preparing for the new construction of the next school and to support the new, five-year plan.

“There is a further £2 million of funding for Brokton Public School in the coming years to ensure the future of this beautiful district.”

A spokesperson from Brock’s Principal said: “This funding will allow the new Brocktown School to be completed on time and on budget.”

This is great news for all of Brock Town and all of the surrounding communities.

A statement from Brocks principal Andrew Brown said:”

The Broktons are very pleased with the response from the community and the local authority, and look forward to continuing to build upon this great success story.”

A statement from Brocks principal Andrew Brown said:

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