Which is the coolest thing about high school? Central High School’s high school mascot

It’s not too long since High School Musical’s final season aired.

And that’s because the theme song was written by Central High’s resident super star, Michael Jackson.

In fact, Jackson and his band of musicians were so successful in their debut album that Jackson was invited to perform at High School musical events around the country, and he did so again in 2017, this time in New York City.

But this year’s theme song, written by the legendary Michael Jackson, has gone viral and is now getting some of its own.

The song, titled “I’m So Lonesome Tonight,” is a heartfelt tribute to Jackson, a man who died at the age of 43 in 2016.

But as a tribute to the beloved singer, it’s not a very good song.

And as the video shows, it doesn’t have much of a happy ending.

In the video, the high school’s mascot is seen dancing to a track from Jackson’s “It’s Too Late,” with a very happy ending that’s all but impossible to watch.

Here’s the song: I’m So Loose Tonight (feat.

Michael Jackson) #MOS_HIGH https://t.co/h7LZ6XlzLk pic.twitter.com/mFt5uJ0j5D — Mashable (@Mashable) March 27, 2019 Jackson is the subject of one of the best-known songs of all time.

In 1999, the song was the subject to a Grammy Award nomination for Best Song Written For A Musical, and was also featured in a number of films.

It was featured in the 2009 animated film Michael Jackson: The Way It Was, and it’s been performed by dozens of musicians, singers, and dancers.

However, it didn’t have a lot of buzz when it was released, and fans weren’t impressed.

When the song made its debut on the radio, it had a hard time getting played on the airwaves.

And it even didn’t make it onto any of the radio stations that had Jackson’s song playing.

But then things got better.

“The song really started to spread, and we started seeing a lot more radio stations, which helped get it out,” said John Pemberton, who was then the CEO of MTV Networks, who is now a director at MTV Entertainment.

Pembert says the song has been played by thousands of people since its release.

“It was really just a matter of getting the word out, getting people to tune in, and seeing how the songs did,” he said.

The most viral song to date has been “The Lonesomes,” by the American rock band The Chameleons.

The chorus of the song says, “You can’t hide, I’m so lonely tonight,” with an ending that sounds exactly like “I am so Lonesom.”

The song was also the subject in the 2015 movie Young Frankenstein, starring Emma Stone.

In that movie, Stone plays a fictional version of herself who gets into a sexual relationship with a man named Jack.

She also goes on to have a miscarriage and a heart attack.

In 2017, Jackson also won a Grammy for Best Music Performance for “I Can’t Go On.”

However, the video for “The Love Song of J.J. Abrams,” a song he wrote in 1998 for the CBS show How I Met Your Mother, did not go over so well with fans.

Jackson’s music is now considered one of his most enduring.

The video was released in 2015, and the song quickly went viral.

The lyrics include, “There’s no time for sorrow, no time to cry.

You can’t get away with it/You’re too good for it.

I’m too Lonesomer Than Thou/I can’t go on, so I’m gonna die,” according to a Wikipedia article about Jackson’s career.

The band The Jackson Five, which included Jackson, wrote the song as a joke.

“We were like, ‘I don’t know if it’s funny, but if it makes you laugh, I guess we can do it,’ ” said the band member, Aaron Jackson.

“Then we had the idea of writing a song about him.

It’s a great song and it definitely gets people’s attention, but I didn’t want to write it for him.

I wanted to write for everyone.”

After the song became a big hit, the band changed their name to Jackson Five.

The members of Jackson’s band also changed their names to Jackson five in 2016, and in 2018, they renamed themselves the Jackson Five to celebrate Jackson’s 40th birthday.

“They’re still trying to find the right words for it, but the song is really touching,” Pemberon said.

But it’s the ending of the video that has fans most excited.

After the video ends, Jackson, the lead singer, and his lead singer friends are seen singing, “I just wanna say goodbye,” as they walk away.

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